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'Social Sub-Committee formed'

The cart fairies have been not only working hard this year but playing hard as well. These social little creatures have been taking some valuable 'time out' of their busy year and as a result the 'Badger Curry Club' was formed.

The main member 'Badger' explained the reasoning behind this important sub committee, "as an elite group of cart fairies we felt that we should do something outside of the shed, which didn't envolve power tools or flasks of tea, so a few of us decided on a more social venue of the local Curry house"

Although this new committee is dedicated to the art of extremely hot food eating they haven't forgotten their roots.

"We will always be Cart Fairies first and foremost " Badger explained " but this way we can help relieve some of the pressures of the job, through a warm and social environment"


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