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The Pram Race

The Cavaliers Pram race is an annual fundraising event which takes place on a sunny evening usually in July.

The idea is its a 'race' where all your team (who just happen to be in fancy dress) have to get round a set route in the shortest possible time with their 'Pram'.

Your pram need not be an actual pram, but it does need to be something you have to push, we have had everything from goal posts to a moblie water feature to a huge piece of cheese!! Your fancy dress idea also has to complement your 'Pram'.

The route is set around the Carnival Pubs of Bridgwater..... yes all 13 of them! at the start you are given a sheet with all the Pubs listed on them, every team member has to have a drink in each pub and you have to get your sheet signed off by a member of bar staff to prove you have been there. Then you push your pram to the next pub and so on. The winning team is the full team and pram back to the Newmarket in the shortest possible time.

Once all the teams are back we normally manage a bit more alcohol and then a party ensues.

One of the best nights of the Carnival fundraising year!! (but the next day can be a bit blurred)


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