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Stage Show for 1999

'Kachina' - The Indian One who has eyes, replenishes, mythical and magical circles to see beyond the everyday realm, was chosen to represent our 1999 stage entry.

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The selection of songs to perform on stage was the first initial step and after much discussion and elimination we finally short listed 5 songs which were 'Umboza', 'Kings of the Wild Frontier', 'Running Bear', 'The Warrior Song', and 'Hungry like a Wolf'.

The maximum time allocated was 8 and a half minutes, these songs were edited accordingly to fit within this timescale taking into account the removal of props and scenery on the stage.

With an energetic performance in mind, early rehearsals were essential. In order to produce a polished and professional finish we commenced our stage rehearsals in early May.

A total of 27 carnivalites performed for a duration of two weeks, some dressed as Big Indian Chiefs, others as Indian Squaws, all dancing singing and playing drums to the upbeat music. And although they came of stage puffing and panting, out of breath and exhausted, the smile and satisfaction on their faces showed that the hard work and commitment which was contributed over the five month period was well worth it.



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