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Stage Show for 2000

Cavaliers C.C.

2000 Stage Show

42nd Street


7th on Stage

42nd Street - Cavaliers Carnival Club

This years performance was based on the Broadway show 42nd Street.

The eight and a half minute show consisted of songs such as 'Young and Healthy', 'Go into your dance', 'Getting out of Town', 'We're in the Money', '42nd Street' and 'Lullaby of Broadway'.

As a level of tap dancing was required in the show, rehearsals commenced early April, due to the fact only a handful of people had ever worn a pair of tap shoes before!

Thanks to the level of commitment and dedication, by mid September the show was complete and even the men proved they could tap dance.

Glittery aqua blue and silver costumes were worn together with top hats and canes. The set included silver shimmer curtains, lit steps, a band stand, a piano, silver coins and an illuminated 42nd Street sign.

Finally all rehearsals were over and the stage show finally began, 30 members made up the toe tapping show. Each and everyone of them smiling as they performed. A rewarding and enjoyable year to remember.

What the Papers say:-

 "Cavaliers should be commended for its energetic dance routines - these guys must have had their Weetabix before getting on stage. Sparkling costumes and good continuity and choice of music ensures 42nd Street is a real showstopper."



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