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2001 Stage Show

Merry Christmas


10th on Stage

Merry Christmas - Cavaliers Carnival Club

Our Choice for Stage of 2001 was the traditional, well loved idea of Christmas.

After choosing the idea we got straight down to business with stage meetings so that we could choose songs, costumes, scenery, etc. We had a couple of meetings to choose songs to use on stage and after a bit of discussion the final choices were: 'Walking in the Air', 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland', Step into Christmas', 'Santa Baby', and 'Rock 'n' Roll Christmas'.

We had to begin our rehearsals for the show back in April to ensure we produced a fun loving atmosphere for our idea.

After months of hard work, put in by all associates of the club, we performed our 'Christmas Cracker' to the public of Bridgwater.

A fun time was had by all and although we didn't achieve the results we had hoped for, we still enjoyed the spirit of Carnival and didn't let it ruin our two weeks.


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