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2002 Stage Show

Professional Pirates


7th on Stage

Professional Pirates - Cavaliers Carnival Club

Our theme for this year's carnival entry was 'Pirates'. The challenge was to provide an eight and a half minute stage show for a traditional masculine idea with three quarters of the participates being female!

Only four songs were used, 'Shiver my Timbers', 'Sailing for Adventure', 'Cabin Fever', and 'A Professional Pirate' (the last of which gave us our entry title).

The costumes were all slightly different incorporating a multitude of styles and colours, the girls' costumes being a feminine version of their male counterparts, and of course, being pirates everyone had to have a sword.

The set initially starts out as a treasure island, with cast members coming through the audience with treasure chests to be buried, then 'all change' before the audience eyes it becomes a boat and 'cabin fever' sets in. Everybody goes mad. The scene goes dark and an illuminated silhouette of a boat mesmerises, but all is not lost as the Captain tells his tale and normality is restored! Flags wave and the cannons blast.

Our challenge was achieved, everyone worked hard, not just the cast but all those individuals involved and at times it was not easy, but we wanted to enjoy ourselves and we did just that.

What the Papers say:-

 "Jolly Songs, Fabulous Costumes and Great Scenery were provided by Cavaliers CC with Professional Pirates. The lights on the pirate ship were an impressive sight and the Cavaliers entrance through the audience brought plenty of smiles. Going out with a bang the club members were given plenty of applause."



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