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2003 Stage Show

Power of Voodoo


7th on Stage

Professional Pirates - Cavaliers Carnival Club

Voodoo was this years carnival entry, a well-worn carnival idea. How could it be done differently?

The songs were picked: "Bump in the Night", "The Man with the Hex", "Just a Gigalo", "Needles and Pins", "Because the Night" with "Bump in the Night" reprised for the finale.

Designs of costumes were finalised: men traditionally Voodoo, with skeleton shirts and top hats with feathers, girls non-traditional, but featuring snakes which are greatly associated with the Voodoo culture. Two colours dominated, purple and green. Character players had individual costumes.

The scenery was constructed to provide a leafy setting with an altar and gravestones to provide a dark atmosphere and then the 'fun' began. Three happy campers wandered through the trees, mother and father set up camp, daughter engrossed in bird watching until her attention is caught as figures rose up from behind the gravestones. The daughter becomes ensnared into the Voodoo cult, mother and father try to rescue her encountering the Voodoo Master and Voodoo Doll along the way until finally Mum and Dad are captured themselves leaving the audiences imagination as to their fate.

Voodoo done differently, we like to think so, although a dark subject, comedy was injected throughout to provide a different slant on the idea.



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