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Cavaliers Carnival Club

The Cart Fairies

There are many types of fairy - tooth, the ones at the bottom of the garden, blue ones, good ones and many more, but, the most important and least well known about are the Cart Fairies. These are special fairies that only come out during the Carnival Concerts and sneak into the clubs sheds and build the carts. No one knows who these mysterious Cart Fairies are but it is said that becoming associated with these folk and being accepted by them involves mystic chants and strange rituals involving water that drips from a leaky roof.

The Cart Fairies have been around for quite some time now and can recognised by their strange overalls and eating habits, mainly Renegade burgers and hot-dogs, and their overpowering urge to drool unexpectedly over power tools of any sort.  They get excited at timber and metal deliveries, but have a nasty allergic reaction to paint of any sort, although dirty brushes left around the shed tend to bring certain fairies to the point of no return.

The Cart Fairies play an incredible part in not only the construction of the cart, but also in a supportive role to the rest of the club.  They are always on hand to offer help, guidance and rude comments whenever required.  The club in return show their love for the cart fairies by huge compliments, which usually involve secret hand signals!

Membership of this elite group of Fairies is possible, but difficult.  Certain criteria has to be met to become one of it's magical federation.  Anyone who wishes to apply for this honor must provide a full CV of talents and three magic toadstools to the Webmaster.     Photo...


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