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The Early Years

Gathered here are all the entries (with a couple of exceptions) and awards won since 1947. Pictures and details of carts and stage entries from 1980 onwards can be seen in the relevant sections of this site. If anyone has anymore details or information on these years, or anything earlier, then please email me. webmaster.


1947  The Gauchos   Photo
1948  Spivs    
1949  Those were the Days    
1950  The Gay Tyroleans
  2nd Squibbing
  6th Bridgwater
1951  British Cavalcade
  1st Squibbing
  Winslade Cup, Hooper Cup
1952  Toy Soldiers
  1st Squibbing
1953  Walt Disney Creations
  4th Bridgwater
  1st Minehead, 3rd Midsomer Norton
  3rd Squibbing
1954  Eskimos
  5th Bridgwater
1955  Ancient Egyptians
  Ker Cup, Hardy Spicer Cup, Hoteliers Cup, County Cup
  1st Bridgwater
  4x 1st, 1x 3rd
  2nd Squibbing
1956  Davy Jones Locker
  Charlton Cup
  2nd Bridgwater
  4th Squibbing
1957  Carnival Knights
  5th Bridgwater
1958  Do It Yourself    
1959  Family Favourites
  5th Squibbing
  7th Bridgwater
1960  The Beatniks
  3rd Squibbing
1961  Ghengis Khan
  4th Bridgwater
  2nd Squibbing
1962  Trappers of the North
  2nd Squibbing
  5th Bridgwater
1963  El Gitanos
  7th Bridgwater
1964  The Trojans    
1965  No-Entry due to insufficient members Chassis and Generator lent to Hope Inn C.C.  
1966  '65 Entry - Nights in Venice, '66 Entry - Country Style  
1967  Court of the Incas    
1968  Mexican Fiesta   photo
1969  Indian State Barge    
1970  Jolly Jesters    
1971  Men on the Moon    
1972  Butterfly People   photo
1973  That Latin Feeling    
1974  The Wombles    
1975  Southern Comfort
  3rd Midsomer Norton
1976  Jack in the Box    
1977  Robin and His Hoods
  Reg Dyer Cup
  Non-Winners Cup
  10th Bridgwater
  8th Concerts
1978  The Kings Musketeers    
1979  Fantasy of Sinbad    



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