Design and Hosting

Cavaliers Carnival Club

The V.P.'s (Vice Presidents)

V.P. Chairman

 Trevor Lee

V.P. Vice Chairman Malcolm 'Soupy' Brown
V.P. Treasurer Sarah Lee
V.P. Vice Treasurer Richard 'Dick' Knight

V.P. Secretary

Gill Knight
Vanessa 'Auntie Ness' Speed
Jeff Slocombe
Julie Elkins
June Harris
Rob 'Burt' Peacey
Claire Slocombe
Kelly Hooper
Leanne Clark
Kevin Lee
Karen Rainey
Jade Rainey
Rachel Royce
Jenny Baker
Kelly Mitchell
Matt Symonds
Paul Baker
Gill Knight
Jo Elson
Phil 'Baby Shag' Holman
Tracey Greenslade
Chris 'Shag' Holman
Rachel Frost
Steve 'Spots' Potts


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